Sunday, August 30, 2015

A quick and easy Sunday.....Just a little tip for you silhouette users

So, how does that song go? "It's Easy Like Sunday Morning." That is my motto for the day. I always need a break by the time Sunday rolls around. With Jr. Pants playing football this fall, it seems like we are constantly on the go. So, in keeping with today's relaxation theme, here is just a quick and easy little tip for those of you who have the Cameo.

First off, I have to say that this is also my chance to "tattle" on Fancy. I know she is going to be upset with me, but we are friends, she'll get over it!:)

Late last weekend I was busy doing something with the family and after a while I checked my phone. I had two missed calls, 6 texts, and a couple missed Skype attempts. WHAT??? After a little more research I discovered it was Fancy. Assuming the worst, I texted her immediately. What did she need? She had accidentally thrown away that adjustment cap that comes with each and every cameo blade and she needed to adjust her blade so she could cut that AMAZING!!!!! pencil cup out of the glitter cardstock. (I think we should build houses out of that stuff. I've cut cereal boxes with my blade set less than 10)!  She needed to change her blade setting and did not have the gray plastic ratchet that comes with the blade packet.

Sassy to the Rescue!

See, it's as easy as that. Next time you need to change your blade setting on the blade, use the funny looking hole at the front left of your machine.

And now throw all those little gray plastic ratchets away! (unless you can figure out some cool craft to make with them, and if that is the case, send the idea to Fancy and Sassy!!!!!)

Have a great week,

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  1. That so wasn't me! Okay, okay maybe it was me, but did you have to tell our readers!? Please don't lose faith in me guys I totally got this now!